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Video Game pick up lines 🎮 in 2022

You must be an HM, because you’re unforgettable!

Hey princess, you make my sword go skyward!

Is that a keyblade in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Grind with me, but not the leveling kind.

Are you a pikachu?
Because you are shockingly beautiful.

You must know Tail Whip, because your beauty leaves me defenseless.

I would love to go phoenix down on you.

My creeper gets excited whenever it see you.

If each and every one of our conversations were cut-scenes, I would replay them over and over again and never skip.

A super mushroom isn’t the only thing that’s making me big right now.

You light my deku stick on fire!

Not even the sands of time could pull us apart.

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