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Food pick up lines 🍔🍟🍕 in 2022

Baby if you were a burger at McDonalds you would be a McGorgeous.

Do you like Pizza Hut?
Cause I want to stuff your crust.

Anyone can sit here and buy you drinks. I want to buy you dinner!

Without you, my heart feels like swiss cheese – full of holes.

Need a cooking partner?
Because I am amazing in the kitchen.

Do you need someone to help pitch your tent at farmers market?

Baby, you got more legs than a bucket of KFC!

I’m going to make you breakfast…Omelet you suck this dick.

Hey girl, you look real gouda.

Did you bring these cupcakes in the break room? No?
Oh, I figured you did, considering how incredibly sweet they are.

Is your daddy the owner of Wendy’s because you make me want to eat great even late!

So do you like strawberries or blueberries?
[choose one] cause i need to know what kind of pancakes to order you in the morning.

Is your daddy Tony The Tiger (Frosted Flakes) because you look gggggreat

Gurl, you remind me of a box of chocolates…..(Why?)
Cause I want to take your top off.

I’m a locavore…  I got all I need right in front of me.

Like Taco Bell, I’m up late and I eat great ;).

Do you like hamburgers?
cuz i’ll go in-n-out of you!

Your like 7-11 everyone gets a slurp and i think its my turn

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