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Harry Potter pick up lines 👓⚡ in 2024

My wand has chosen you!

If you were a Dementor, I’d become a criminal just to get your kiss.

Mind if I Weasley my way into your pants?

Want to have a Tri-wizards Tournament?
Well, not really “Tri-Wizard,” I was thinking more like one wizard, two witches.

My name may not be Luna, but I sure know how to Lovegood!

I could make you scream louder than a mandrake!

Me without you is like Fred without George.

You don’t even have to say “Lumos Maxima” to turn me on.

What do you say we disapparate out of here?

Have you heard of Platform 9 and 3/4? Well, I can think of something else with the exact same measurements.

Hey Draco, I like your bed. Can I Slytherin?

You must be my Horcrux because you complete me.

Your smile is like Expelliarmus. Simple but disarming.

Do you like Harry Potter?
Because I a-Dumbledore you!

Is your basilisk interested in exploring my Chamber of Secrets?

It’s a portkey — once you touch it, it will take you somewhere you’ve never seen before.

I may not be the boy who lived, but I can still be your chosen one.

Come on, let’s do it Hippogriff style!

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