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Soccer pick up lines ⚽ in 2022

Push me away but expect me to push harder because I am a great player.

I’ll set and help and do everything for you to make your goals.

Tap dancing with a ball with you would be great.

I always get excited when I play ball but I am more excited when I get to see you.

Can I keep you forever because I am a keeper?

Can you be my life outside soccer?

I get a kick out of you the same way I get a kick out of soccer.

I am willing to be a slave of two things: soccer and you.

One thing that leaves my heart sore aside from missing a game is missing you.

When I saw you, it is as if I already scored a goal.

Will you be my only defender?

I want to be your best goal in life better than your goals in your game.

I am not good at the game but I am willing to be the best defender for you.

I’ll keep moving forward aiming for you.

Baby, you are like a game you are fueling my desire to live.

This is such a wonderful thing-watching a game with you

You have the power to break me just as a failed game could.

I love you like a child loves his soccer ball.

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