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League Of Legends pick up lines in 2024

I’m cringing watching some of this stuff.

Can I tap your dark spheres?

Wanna know why me roger’s all jolly?

are you maxing your EXPLOSIVE shot?

I wish I’d worn my Mercury’s Treads, because you just stunned me.

Why have a brain when I can have your heart?

Girl, is your name Ashe?
Because your beauty stunned me from a distance!

Wanna know why me roger’s all jolly?

Can I put my doran blade in your doran ring?

Lizards are red, Golems are blue, if you are buff I’d rather have you.

Your Cho is so enormous!

I’m not sorry that I left my fuzzy cuffs at home

Are you Ahri cause you’re charming.

Girl, are you Irelia? Because I want to nerf you so hard.

I may do crazy things, but it’s all for you.

Damn, if being sexy was a crime, I’d have to call Sherif Caitlyn because you’re guilty as charged.

Wanna solo my Baron?

I’d like to put my mushroom in your bush.

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