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Space pick up lines 🌌👨‍🚀 in 2022

Care to experience some thrust?

If you are a heavenly body I think I will be orbiting around you forever, darling.

How do you debunk an alien?
By throwing him/her out of bed.

Babe, your ass is like from outer space. Your legs are just out of this world.

Give this hog some space, and it will be a healthy beast up for your pure satisfaction.

Are you into astronomy?
Because your ass is out of this world.

I heard you like watching sunsets but I think that’s narcissistic of you.

Of all the planets in all the solar systems in all the galaxies, you walked into mine…

You are hot like a perfect star baby, mind if I enter your Goldilocks Zone?

Are you the moon?
Because even when it’s dark you still seem to shine.

If you’ll be the doctor, I’ll be your Tardis, and you can ride me through space and time

Are you an alien, because you abducted my heart long ago.

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