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Dirty Pick up lines 😏 in 2022

Did you get those pants for 50 percent off? They’re 100 percent off at my place.

You must be yogurt because I want to spoon you.

That shirt looks great on you… as a matter of fact, so would I.

I’m having trouble sleeping by myself, can you sleep with me?

Roses are red. Violets are fine. You be the six. I’ll be the nine.

Are you a sea lion?
Because I can sea you lion in my bed tonight.

Are you a raisin?
Cause you’re raising my hopes for a kiss right about now.

Your body is made up of 70% water. . .and I’m thirsty.

My name isn’t Elmo, but you can tickle me any time you want to.

You look like an extremely hard worker and I have an opening that you can fill.

Is it hot in here?
Or is it just you?

Dinner first, or can we go straight for dessert?

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