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Thanksgiving pick up lines 🦃🍗 in 2023

Thanksgiving dinner isn’t the only thing that will make you want to loosen your belt.

I’m using the wishbone to manifest a date with you.

All my relatives keep asking me at Thanksgiving dinner why I’m still single. Want to help me change that before next Thanksgiving?

So, Technically We’re Not Blood Related, Right? Cause Those Juicy Breasts Are Making Me Hungry!

I have a thing for butterballs.

Want to break the wishbone?
I’m wishing for a date with you.

Like Thanksgiving, I come multiple times a year across various countries.

Would you like to stuff my turkey?

Want to break the wishbone?
I’m wishing for a date with you.

I’m the opposite of a turkey… I cook for four and a half hours after my timer pops!

They should change the name of Thanksgiving to something more fitting like say, Turkeypocolypse or Stuffing-cide.

You can call me Tryptophan, because you’ll be all sleepy after I’m done with you!

Better save room for dessert, because the best flavor of pie is me.

Takes sip of water after every set crew

Call me tryptophan, because you’ll be sleepy when we’re done together.

Got plans for leftovers, yet?

Forget dessert — I think you’re the only cutie pie I need.

Aren’t you tired of being cooped up here?

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