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Clever pick up lines 🤯 in 2022

You shouldn’t wear makeup. It’s messing with perfection!

Can I borrow a kiss?
I promise I’ll give it back.

I’m going for a walk. Would you hold this?
(Then hold out your hand.)

Where are we going when we leave here?

I want you to be my emergency contact person

Hi, do you have a few minutes for me to hit on you?

So, I guess the gods on Mt. Olympus kicked you out because they were jealous?

Im not against you, but I wanna be against you?

Even the sun is jealous of the way you shine.

Damn, I just lost my phone number. Is it okay to have yours, instead?

Your eyes are like IKEA…I get lost in them.

What do you think is more fun than this?

Hey, no offense, but do you want to hold hands ?

Hi, I have big feet.

You’d better direct that beauty somewhere else or you’ll set the carpet on fire.

Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?

So, are you starting an early career as a GQ model?

If you were a fruit you’d be a fineapple.

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