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Gamer pick up lines 🎮 in 2024

Are you King Dodongo?
Because I really want to explode in your mouth.

I’d rather ride you than Yoshi any day.

I’d like to fertilize your crops with my bonemeal.

Are you a boy or a girl?
Doesn’t matter to me.

I will have to summon Shiva because you’re way too hot!

Will you allow me to raid your Molten Core?

My heart lags whenever I see you.

Are you a magic flower?
Because you make burn up with desire.

I want you to max my social link.

I need some experience points in love-making, will you help me?

If each and every one of our conversations were cut-scenes, I would replay them over and over again and never skip.

I wanna Squirtle all over those Jigglypuffs of yours.

Who needs Ramuh when you’re electrifying enough?

Are you a pig?
Because I wanna ride you.

Will you be my player 2?

Are you a slime?
You can make me sticky all you want.

If I was Mario, you would be my only star.

If I was a Seaking, I’d Horn Drill you.

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