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The Office pick up lines in 2023

Is it pretzel day or am I just happy to see you?

I want to become as funny as Michael Scott from ‘The Office’ so that I could win your heart.

Come here often? Every day?
From 9 to 5? Yeah, I guess that is often.

Just like your paid search campaign, you’ve made quite the impression on me.

Can you file a workplace safety incident report?
I just fell for you.

Just so you know, me and you, I don’t think that’s ridiculous. Dot, dot, dot, dot dot.

Let us just own a decommissioned lighthouse and travel to space where we can live forever.

I can tell you’re a team player.

Sometimes you just have to ask yourself, “Am I a profit or a loss?” Now which one are you?

I think we are a pair of soup snakes who would love to dance all throughout this lovely night.

I want to make you my soup snake like what Michael Scott has said to Holly in ‘The Office’.

I think that my love for you is as immeasurable as the actual ratio of unicorns to leprechauns.

I would wager that two self-starters like ourselves would have a good time together.

Let us start our love affair like Michael Scott started a sentence and let it go where it wants.

I have many questions now, such as number one: how dare you make me fall in love with you?

I want to wrap you now in my warmest embrace because I am a black belt for wrapping gifts.

Do you have a privacy policy?
Because I’d love to see your fine print.

Let’s do this, but in real time.

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