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Cat pick up lines 🐱 in 2023

I’ve got nine lives to live, wanna be my first?

Do you live in a corn field? Because I’m stalking you.

Psst.. Hey babe, I got some nip

I’ve got this feline that you and me would make a great purr.

If I said you have nice fur, would you hold it against me?

Put the cat down and pick up your sword!

I will pawlways love you

Where have you been all my lives?

Purrhaps we should claws the door, things are about to get frisky up in hair.

Are you one of them hot cougars that pick up young willing men?

Are you feline the connection between us?

Let’s make like fabric softener and snuggle.

Honey, just tail me you love me!

My dick is like catnip, it’ll make a cougar like you go wild.

If a cat were to describe you… He says you’re purrfect

Don’t be a player hating

Show me some catnip.

Can you take me to the vet?
Because you just took my breath away.

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