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Dinosaur pick up lines 🦖 in 2023

Let’s go back to my place so you can play with my bonersaurus.

Baby girl you’re like dino-mite.

Leave carbon at home lets go on a date.

Want to play with club?

C’mon Baby Light My Fire.

I’m not a megalodon, but I’ve got a mega-long-dong.

Why did you have to end the Ice Age by being so hot?

You must be a raptor, because I want to ride you all day.

Are you from the Jurassic period cause jur ass is amazing.

Hello caveman, you are tall, dark and strong. Would you like to mate?

Me teach you a new dance, the Bedrock and roll. It save Fred Flintstone’s marriage after Barney did the Bamm-Bamm with Wilma in the gravel pit

You know what they say about a dinosaur with long neck… (Apatosaurus)

I would catch a pterodactyl for you.

I’m gonna tyrannosaurus wreck that ass.

You smell good. Want some a these fresh crunchy green grasshoppers i just caught?

Wanna see my woolly mammoth?

Girl you put the a** in Jurassic.

I know we’re all homo sapiens here, but how about I take you home and turn you into a homo erectus?

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