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Dinosaur pick up lines 🦖 in 2024

Baby girl you’re like dino-mite.

Let’s go back to my place so you can play with my bonersaurus.

Hello caveman, can I make your bedrock?

dinosaur pickup lineWorking Dinosaur tinder opener

Hey wanna come over for some bbq whole mammoth?

So, wanna get dirty?

You make me horny. (Triceratops)

Let’s do like a brontosaurus and go to brunch together.

Are you an archaeologist?
Because I have a bone you can exam.

I’m going to cast a spell on you like Azande witch doctors

We no have wheels yet? You make my head spin round.

I’m a palaeontologist and you must be a fossil sample because I want to date you so much.

I know an archaeologist will find my buried bones, but I’ve got a bone I’d like to bury in you right now.

Don’t let my tiny arms fool you.

Let’s have some tyrannosaurus sex.

You are dino-mite!

People say I’m a diplodocus, would you like to see my diplococcus?

Wanna go to Jurassic and park and watch the subprimordial ooze races?

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