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Coffee pick up lines ☕ in 2023

Wanna go on a doppio date?

You’re such a TEAse.

I like the way your espresso yourself.

Hey there, don’t add honey to that chamomile. You’re already too sweet.

Do you get a hint of almond in this Keemun? No? That’s odd, because I’m nuts about you.

Want some non-dairy creamer?

I just got a mouth burn from my coffee. Do you give a mouth to mouth?

Hey there, did someone request a little extra whip?

Do you believe in love at a first sip or should I take another?

Is that a steam wand in your pocket?

Want some non-dairy creamer?

Girl I can be the rum or whisky, the twist you want in your drink.

You and I should get coffee together then you will see how good we could be.

I want to be the crema on top of your coffee which makes it a bit more exciting.

I like my women like I like my coffee, HOT!

My coffee isn’t hot enough! Could you hold it for a while?

Do you want to see how I brew?

Coffee, tea, or just more of me?

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