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Coffee pick up lines ☕ in 2022

You’re like my coffee, you keep me up all night.

Words are not enough to espresso how much I love you.

I have a personal rule to never eat chocolate alone.

Hold the sugar, please. You’re sweet enough for me.

I will make a lot of latte art if that would make you happy.

My coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, so I can’t think of anything charming to say.

Drown me with your love just like a vanilla drowned in coffee in your favorite drink.

My coffee isn’t hot enough! Could you hold it for a while?

Can I buy you a Starbucks Trenta or were you looking for something bigger?

Excuse me, miss, things are about to get real steamy in here.

Let’s make like this coffee and get steamy!

I do not like coffee but your scent plus the aroma of coffee is irresistible.

You are way fresher than green beans.

Hey, they call me coffee cause I grind so fine.

I like the way you espresso yourself.

If you were ground coffee, you’d be Espresso cause you’re so fine.

I like you a latte, mocha it a date?

You are sweet already so I’d give you Mazagran-that fits your personality.

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