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Fortnite pick up lines 🔫 in 2024

Can I see your chug jugs

I’m gonna take u to a pleasant park and shove my shifty shaft inside your dusty depot.

Wadda ya say we get a little pump action going?

Once I’m done with you, you’re gonna need to abortnite.

Hey, do you play Fortnite?
I got a bazooka in my pants and it’s legendary.

How many bucks to see your V

I wanna jump in your rift and show you a whole new world.

Wanna feel my shifty shaft?

You’ll be wailing at my woods.

I am no grappler but I could still reel you in.

I want my shifty shaft to visit your moisty mire 

Default dance repeatedly’

Hey girl do you play Fortnite.

Can I chug on your jugs?

I love you by Default!

Are you a default?
I don’t mind carrying you forever and ever.

You. Me. Greasing up your groove. How does that sound for a date?

I want to land on you baby.

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