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Fortnite pick up lines 🔫 in 2022

I wanna jump in your rift and show you a whole new world.

Are you an ATK?
Because I want to get inside you

Do you know how you enter an ATK when you’re playing Fortnite? Yes, well, are you an ATK too? *Wink*

I am no grappler but I could still reel you in.

You ever been sprayed by a mini gun?

You’re the only solo win I want.

I want my shifty shaft to visit your moisty mire

What do you say you come check out my fort this evening?

I’d jump off a floating bus for you. 

Do you want to be lonely like lonely lodge or all action like tilted towers

Call Me Cupid Cause I Just Landed a Crossbow Shot to your Heart.

If there was no one else on earth, I would throw a boogie bomb and then we could dance together forever.

My mats is all wood for you.

Baby, all I want to do is be your victory royale.

Hey babe, want me to grease up your grove tonight?

Damn girl, you must be purple save.

I can explore your shifty with my clocktower.

You got a jump pad?
Cause I’ll jump right over to you.

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