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Music pick up lines 🎵🎧 in 2022

Are you a reed? Because I’m a clarinet and I can’t work without you latched onto me.

Good boys deserve more than just fudge.

Did you just move from the subdominant to the supertonic?
Because I think you’re my perfect counterpoint.

The flute isn’t the only thing I know how to blow.

You light up my world like a piccolo lights up the sharp side of a tuner.

Are you a composer too?
Cause, baby, we could make beautiful music on my sheets.

You wanna grease my slide?

Composers always score.

I C Major potential in us getting together.

Would you like to borrow my tuner?
You’re looking pretty sharp to me.

We’re supposed to be together like Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. It’s Fate.

Were you born in 1789?
Because you’re a real classical beauty.

Did you just move chord V to chord I? Because I think you’re perfect.

Are you a fermata?
Because I want to hold you.

Honey, are you a drummer?
Because you can make my heart skip a beat.

I want to duet with you.

That’s a nice set of mallets you have.

Oh baby, trust me, I’m a French horn player. I know where to blow and where to put my hands and fingers on the right place.

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