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Halloween pick up lines 🎃👻 in 2023

Hey Cinderella, must be time I took you home. It’s nearly midnight!

I’m really good with my organ.

Ooh, you look boo-tilicious!

What’s a nice ghoul like you doing in a crypt like this?

Are you dressed up as Beyonce?
Cause you look Boo-ti-licious

I can see a date in our future.

If you think I’m hot now, wait until you see what I turn into at midnight.

That skeleton over there wanted to ask you for your number, but, unlike me, he didn’t have the guts.

You look so good, you’re making my man-bits rise from the dead.

Don’t worry, those warts on my face aren’t anywhere else.

I wanna bob for your apples.

May I ride your broomstick?
I lost mine.

Tricks aren’t really my thing. But you’re sure a treat.

Your mausoleum or mine?

Hey pumpkin – I bet I can put a smile on your face.

I’m really great with tongues

Pardon me for drooling, but without my jaw, I can’t help myself.

When I give you my hand in marriage, it will take on a literal meaning that nobody expects.

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