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Basketball pick up lines 🏀 in 2024

If you were a basketball, would you let me lay you up?

Are you on the rebound?
Because my D. Favors you.

Should I take it to the hole or take it to the rack?

It seems you spend time at the ball court because I would love some courtship right now.

Do you like basketball?
Because when I saw you, my D. Rose.

Maybe you are a player after all, doesn’t matter, but I have some balls waiting to be dribbled.

You want to come with me to a game this Saturday night, let’s have the most fun of our lives.

My love for you is like my love for basketball, enough not to ever give you up or the sport

Hey girl, Monta Ellis must be jealous. Because you, honestly, have it all.

I love basketball as much as I love watching you be with me all day, with everything I got.

I’ve never made an incomplete pass, and I hope you won’t be my first.

Dear, I bet you never would have known how great I am with balls if you haven’t tried me out.

I usually can shoot three times in a row, but with this rate and with how good you are, I wonder if I can even shoot two.

Damn girl I must be Kobe cause I can’t pass you up.

Sweetie-pumpkin, you got so much game, you must be a natural. Want to come with me to listen to a speaker on Natural Family Planning? It’s Thursday at 6:30 in the parish hall. Again, watch that pun!

Baby, maybe you can show me how good your balls are or if they really are something, hmm?

Girl, you can call me Paul George cause you got me showing my bone.

If I swear I’m not going to treat your love like basketball, like a game, would you be with me?

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