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Football pick up lines 🏈 in 2022

I think you’re a keeper. 

You’ve got a great end zone.

Up for a quickie?
I can finish with one touch.

Can I take a few shots at your goal?

At Wide Receiver: Damn boy are you a pirate, cause I wanna make a rated ARRR movie with you.

I’ve proven to a lot of people that size doesn’t matter. Tonight it’s your turn.

I’d use a Packer’s line right now, but it’s just too cheesy.

Consider this your two-minute warning… before I kiss you.

You’ll be the quickest hat-trick I’ve scored.

Do you prefer two hand touch or full contact?

Starting Defense: Beww BEWWW Beww. That’s the sound of the ambulance coming to pick me up because when I saw them my heart stopped.

Because I play soccer all of the time, I’m really good at footsie.

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