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History pick up lines 📜⌛ in 2023

You wanna play Pearl Harbor?
It’s a game where I lay back and you blow the hell out of me.

Need to know why they call me Titanic?
Because when I go down, the women dependably get off first.

My love for you is as contagious as the Black Plague.

If you were president, you’d be George Washington. I’ll always come second.

They don’t call me a Rough Rider for nothing.

Hammurabi might have issued the first code of law in 1750BCE, but I just issued you my first code of love.

Are you the proletariat?
‘Cause I can feel a rising in my lower class!

Wanna to play War of 1812?
I’ll light your White House on fire!

I’ll be your Secretary of the Interior.

I like to stand here and stare at my privates.

It’s not a heliocentric universe anymore, babe, everything revolves around you.

My love for you is like the Spanish Armada – unsinkable!

Hey, girl! If you were a president, you’d be Babe-raham Lincoln.

Are you German? 
Because I want to fuck you like the Versailles treaty.

I might not go down in history, but I’ll go down on you!

It must be the Reign of Terror because I am losing my head over you.

The Gettysburg Address was short, but I know something that isn’t.

Are you a loyalist, because you’re really making me rethink this whole independence thing.

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