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Bumble pick up lines in 2022

What do you say we ditch this app and meet up in real life?

I’d say you’re as beautiful as a Greek goddess, but what I can remember from history class, they were all pretty crazy

Is that really you sky diving in your photo? I’d love to try that out, too, some time!

After inspecting your photos, I’ve concluded that you’re too much of a good girl for me.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, We’re a match on Tinder, So I think we should screw.

I bet I know when your birthday is. October 10. Because you’re a 10/10.

All your pics came through at a 45-degree angle. Guess you’re acute-y.

Hey handsome! 😉

Are you my appendix?
Because this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out.

Your body is about 70% water, and I’m thirsty.

I want our love to be like the number Pi. Irrational and never-ending.

Full disclosure: I’d say I swiped right 70% because I thought you were hot and 30% because your dog is adorable.

What’s one destination you haven’t been to yet that you have to visit before you die?

I think my phone’s busted. It keeps telling me it doesn’t have your number.

On a Scale Of 1 To 10, I would Mark You, Angelina Jolie, When It Comes To Beauty

I would absolutely love to swap bodily fluids with you.

Waffles or pancakes?
I need to know what you prefer for breakfast.

Do you like sleeping?
Me too, we should do it together sometime

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