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Fruit pick up lines 🥝🍓🍑 in 2022

Hey babes! You’d be a sensual lip as like as red strawberry.

Hey guy! Do you want to eat my oranges all night?

You have got a peach of my heart.

You have got a peach of my heart.

I love you to your core.

You are as tangled as fruit salad cause I could never understand you.

I would share a paopu fruit with you.

Are you a banana? ‘
Cause you’re so a-peeling

Nobody owns the world. So, let’s pick some strawberries and explore the world. 

If best friends were apples, I’d pick you.

Have you ever heard about the fruity?
It’s a game……. Where you pop up your cherry with my banana.

You remind me of the fruit in Lehi’s dream; precious above all others.

Orange you so sweet?

You got a sweet tooth and strawberry youth. 

Felt cute. Might fall for you later.

Sweetheart, why you speak so acrid?
Are you eating bitter gourd?

To take bananas in winters is no less than an adventure.

Your father must be a farmer because you´ve grown some nice melons.

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