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Fruit pick up lines 🥝🍓🍑 in 2023

You’re the fruit of Lehi’s dream……… the most prestigious for me.

How big does your squash grow?

They call me Dr. Grape…The G is silent.

Let’s find some beautiful strawberry field and get lost. 

If you need me, I’ll be right be-cider you.

Keep patience, Cuz it would always be fruitful in the end.

You probably know this already but your tomatoes look so juicy.

Girl, do you eat a lot of mangoes?
Because you make a man-go crazy!

I have learnt that happiness is a destination like a strawberry field. Once you find the way in with me, you can never feel unhappy again. 

I’m one bad apple.

Hey babes! You’d be a sensual lip as like as red strawberry.

Hey guy! Do you want to eat my oranges all night?

You have got a peach of my heart.

You have got a peach of my heart.

I love you to your core.

You are as tangled as fruit salad cause I could never understand you.

I would share a paopu fruit with you.

Are you a banana? ‘
Cause you’re so a-peeling

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