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Weed pick up lines 🍀🤏 in 2023

I can be your buzz amplifier.

Weed is four words I will never forget, other than your name.

Are you a drug? Cause I marijuana take you home tonight.

I’m feeling a little off today. Will you turn me on?

I am so hammered I want to nail you to the wall.

Are you a chonger? Because you took my breath away.

Excuse me ma’am are you a joint?
Because you’re smoking!

Meet you at four-twenty.

What kind of grinder are you using? Cause you’re extra fine!

For when you want to take cheese to the next level

I don’t even need a lighter… you are already on fire!

What kind of grinder are you using? Because you are extra fine!

hey girl would you ever consider a 3-way? You, me and Mary Jane.

I’ve got 2 boarding passes, lets catch a flight and see where we land.

I want to T-H-See you naked!

I don’t smoke dope. I don’t drink bourbon. All I want to do is shake my turban.

Hey baby, my friend and I are having a bake sale. Would you like to join us?

My love 420 will not be the same without you.

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