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Math pick up lines 📐➕ in 2022

If we distribute our love, we can be together forever. Together you and I make a perfect square.

Are you my integral? I was wondering, because I see myself in the area beneath your curves.

You must be absolute because every time you are around me, I feel positive.

My love for you is like a concave function, because it is always increasing.

Can I instantiate your objects and access their member variables?

Without you I am just a semi-circle; you complete me.

You and I are just fractions in a world of reals, but together we could be whole.

I wish that I was your calculus homework. I would be hard and just sitting on your desk, waiting for you to do me.

I have a great idea. What if you were the numerator and I could be the denominator? We could both reduce to our simplest form.

Is geometry your favorite subject? It must be, because whatever angle I look at you from, you are beautiful.

Let’s find out we converge by taking each other to the limit.

I hear that you are really good at algebra. Can you replace my eX without asking Y?

Do you want to squeeze my theorem while I poly your nomial?

I heard that you are good at math because your legs are always divided.

Your CENTER is neither OBLIQUE, nor is it OBTUSE. You are just perfect.

You and I must be inverse logical functions because I could compliment you all day.

One plus two equals me and you.

Hey girl, you must be a 90 degree angle because you are looking right.

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