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Catholic pick up lines 😇🙏⛪ in 2024

Did you feel what I felt when we reached into the holy water font at the same time?

Hmm, you smell as good as St Padre Pio’s stigmata.

I used to believe in natural theology, but since I met you I’ve converted to divine revelation.

Make a passing comment about your meeting being the result of Divine intervention or Divine appointment.

Unfortunately I can’t perform miracles and I’ve only got enough bread and fish for 2 people.

When I read Philippians 4:8, I think about you.

Gee, that’s a lovely scent of incense you’re burning there.

I bet I can guess your confirmation name.

If my wallet look like a bible, it’s only because the Word of God is ore valuable to me than gold.

On first dates, I always take girls to get BBQ ribs. It feels the most biblical considering they came from one.

What are your plans for tonight? Feel like a Bible study?

Are you the angel I have been praying for?

Hey are you busy Sunday?
Wanna meet me at the altar…

I like the black spot on your forehead.

It’s obvious to me that you sprouted from the good kinda soil.

The Crystalina to my Jason?

Didn’t I see your face on a holy card somewhere?

How about a hug, sister?

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