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Naruto pick up lines ⛩️ in 2023

You’re a pain, but I need to continue my lineage for the next generation, so what’re you waiting for?

I would start a shinobi war for you. It did not work for Obito. But guess what, I am not Obito!

Damn it, girl, you Banshō Ten’in me.

Are you looking for the best sex of your life tonight? I think female would do. (Or male).

They don’t call me Nine-Tails for nothing.

This is a threat! I can make you scream…in pleasure.

Sharingan Is Red, Rasengan Is Blue, Give Me Your Number Or I’ll Chidori You.

Would you like me to show you ALL 6 paths?

I can do things with my tongue that you cannot even begin to imagine.

I’m an emotionless bastard who served as a replacement for an emo bastard.

Baby, let me show you why they call it Gentle Fist.

Do you know why it is called the gentle fist?
If you want, I could show you.

Would you like to see my wood style great penetration jutsu?

I address you as amaterasu…because you are a ever-burning black flame

Your eyes are deceiving that I’m stuck under your Genjutsu.

Are You A Susano’o?
Because I’m Completely Enveloped By You

My tongue works better than Deidera, would you like to C4 yourself?

Are you Sasuke?
Because I want that body so bad.

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