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Baseball pick up lines ⚾ in 2022

Can you tame my diamondback?
Everybody else has.

They call me the Arizona D’Backs because I always play ball games late into the night

Even though there’s no ball game on tonight, I’ll still be slamming something out of the park.

You’re quite the catch, baby.

Hey babe, now that the season’s over, lets go back to my place and watch the highlight film

My love for you is like the A’s and Daric Barton: it never dies.

What’s the “win probability” of me taking you home tonight, baby?

Looks like you’re the big-ticket free agent, and I got a lotta money to spend.

All the other guys out there are like broken bats, I’m a good, hard wood

Are we in the bullpen?
Cuz you’re warming me up.

I’d lay down a sacrifice for you.

Are you Anthony Recker because I just wanna let you pull my dinger

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