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Pizza pick up lines 🍕 in 2023

You are my pizza, I want more of you and I do not want to share.

Pizza tastes better when I eat it with you.

Girl, are you a pizza?
Because I have this huge crust on you.

Are you a pizza eater?
Because there’s a party for two at my house tonight.

I would gladly give you my heart made up of pizza.

My pizza tastes awful, would you mind gracing it by melting all over?

You’re the pizza I don’t want to share.

Will you be the extra cheese to my pizza?

I want to have more small infinities with you over a box of pizza.

Are you pizza?
Because I want to remove your toppings.

You look like a mushroom, can I be honoured to mush you in a room?

Babe, are you a pizza?
Because I feel hungry just looking at you…

I’m like Domino’s Pizza. If I don’t come in 30 minutes, the next one is free.

Are you craving some Pizza?
Because I’ll gladly give you a pizz-a this dick!

Baby, you are like pizza to me and I do not like to share my pizza.

I have pizza for dinner. I am not eating it alone and I am not throwing it away.

What other good pick up lines about pizza do you know?

You’ll love the taste of sausage on a pizza I have at home.

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