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Pizza pick up lines 🍕 in 2024

Do you like sausages?
No? You are in luck. Yes? You are equally in luck. I am available without or with sausages.

You look so bae-sil, let me guess your name, Basil?

If you don’t come in 30 minutes or less, I’m free.

I can eat pizza, and you non-stop and never get tired of both of you.

Wanna sample my breadsticks?
I’m sure you’d like the “sauce” that comes with ’em!

Is that pizza?
Damn, it smells so good. Hold on, that is you!

If I flirt with you, would you let me have all of the pizza?

I’m available with or without the sausage.

I have only two addictions: pizza and you.

Thin crust or thick crust doesn’t matter because I will definitely eat you.

Do you happen to like Pizza Hut?
Because all I want to do is to stuff your crust. 

If you’d be a slice of pizza, you’d be supreme.

If you were a pizza and I were cheese, I’d melt over you.

I could never get tired of my life if you are the topping on it.

With how you deliver, you sure must be the delivery man.

I love olives and Olive you.

Babe, can I interest you in a stuffed crust?

You make me feel all giddy and satisfied like only a box of pizza can.

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