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Science pick up lines 🔬🧬🧪 in 2024

Nothing is as sweet as you. Not even fructose!

Just like a blue supergiant star, you’re exceedingly hot and extremely bright.

I hope you’re hydrophilic, because you’re about to get wet!

All I want is to fill that vacuum in your heart.

Can you show me the exponential growth of your natural log?

You make my myocardium pump blood through my circulatory system really fast.

Would you like to participate in our…group experiments?

Looking at the sediment grain size scale, it looks like you’re finer than silt.

For this experiment, you will be measuring the rigidity of this object of mine.

Hey, let’s try making a zygote!

Do you want to share some valence electrons?
This way, we can have a stable relationship.

Be my partner, and I promise I will never treat you like schist.

Touch me on my orogenous zones!

There’s no doubt about the fact that you’re more special than relativity.

Our combined genes would definitely create exceptional offspring.

Just like the digits of pi, my love for you is has no end.

I love all of your stratified layers!

Are we going to do some gravity experiments?
Okay, let’s test how fast I would free fall for you.

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