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Lawyer pick up lines 👩‍⚖️⚖️ in 2022

Is your Daddy a lawyer?
Because you look innocent, and I feel guilty.

I’ve got a precedent that’s long and deep.

Hey girl, are you a bar review class?
Because I would pay $3500 for you to talk to me for a short amount of time.

I wish my law school has curves like you

I want to convict you for stealing my heart out of the blue and making me happy forever.

Did it hurt…when you fell from heaven?
Because I know a good personal injury lawyer.

Nice rebuttal.

Girl, are you a burden shifting test?
Cause what’s that butt for?

I’m a lawyer.

If you’re my client, I’ll get you off. If you aren’t, the offer still stands.

Hey boy, if I were on a jury I’d find you guilty of being criminally gorgeous.

Your body is ‘ultra vires’, it’s beyond my power to control myself around you.

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