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Hockey pick up lines 🏒 in 2024

Hi my name’s Stanley, wanna see my cup?

Wanna see my “hat-trick?”

I’ve gone five-hole ten times today, can I try a you-hole?

Can I slip one past your trendy?

Do you want to find out my definition of roughing?

I’d love to serve a 5 minute penalty in your box.

Are you a hockey player?
Because I need someone who plays rough.

What do you say we score together tonight?

I am better than a one-timer, baby, I can go on for as many rounds as you want, let’s see?

C’mon baby, the iceman cometh… but never too soon.

My other stick curves to the right

Even if you’re into hockey, I don’t want you to be my one-timer. I want you to be my everyday-timer!

People call me a dirty player but let’s see how dirty we can get.

C’mon baby, the iceman cometh… but never too soon.

Hi, I’m Zam. How would you like a Zamboni ride?

We’re gonna go beat up Scott Hamilton. Wanna come?

If you were my puck, I’d be a horrible hockey player. Know why?
Because I’d miss you every time.

Do you have a jersey?
Because I need your name and number.

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